5 Best Practices for Guest Blogging

Whether you have just jumped on the guest blogging bandwagon or not, several guidelines have emerged as best practices that a blog or site owner should pay attention to.

Firstly let’s take a look at what makes guest blogging such an attractive option to launch a blog into prized Google territory. A few years ago top bloggers decided to embrace other blog owners as a guest on their sites and submit an article or two. What they noticed shortly after is an increase in traffic and readership, with some even garnering an increase in search engine rankings. They kept this dirty little secret to themselves and simply kept the practice going amongst their inner circle.

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Fast forward to 2017 and you would be hard pressed to find a blog or site owner that doesn’t understand the many benefits guest blogging can offer. As such it’s now common practice to find a “Write For Us” page on many sites and blogs. But are there guidelines or best practices one should follow? Yes. Below we take a look at five best practices when it comes to guest blogging. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment area.

1. Timeliness

One of the biggest pet peeves when it comes to guest blogging is lack of timeliness on the part of site owners. If you have openly decided to accept guest articles on your site or blog and now are getting regular queries, it should be your duty to answer and reply to such queries in a timely manner. It benefits (no one) when the process from initial contact to published article - takes weeks or months. Create a system and or hire someone who will oversee this part of your net marketing endeavors. If set up and managed correctly you will have a lean mean guest blogging machine on your site that enables free and good quality content that will feed the search gods and your readership accordingly. It’s yours for the taking, if handled well.

2. Communication

Best practice number two of guest blogging would be to maintain good communication throughout the process. Create a separate page for those who wish to contact you directly for this sole purpose and make it easy to do so. No need to ask those who are willing and able to create a dynamite article for you (and your readers) to jump through hoops to submit said article. Once initial contact has been made and you have approved (or denied) said query, keep in touch via email or however you wish to communicate on what guest poster can and should expect as an end result. Keep the flood gates open till an article has been published.

3. Research

Before you accept a guest article (or submit one) check on whom is writing the piece, where the link is pointing to and or where the article is to be published. Be selective on what you accept and what you allow on your site, it is after all your baby. As for writing a guest article, it should be noted that relevancy is key, you want to choose a site that is compatible to yours and vice versa. No point in writing and submitting an article on “how to grow big juicy red tomatoes” to a travel blog site. The two are not related by topic. As with most things on the web, it’s important to be relevant when it comes to content and guest blogging is no different.

4. Selection

You want good high quality content on your site at all times whether you have written the material yourself, have hired someone to do it on your behalf or via the use of guest articles from other site owners. You can make sure of this several ways, one is to screen those who query you by asking questions and viewing previous samples or simply taking a look at their site, another method in your quality control of guest articles is to use the Copyscape premium service which allows one to place the entire body of an article in the tool to check for duplicate content and or web plagiarism. Bottom line is that if someone submits a sub-par guest article, you do not have to accept it. You have the final word and the decision to approve (or deny) a guest article is entirely yours. Be selective.

5. Systems

If you have a popular and established blog or site, you will (if you haven’t already) begin to start getting queries from others on placing a guest article. The number of queries will over time will increase and if you don’t establish a system now to manage the queries and or guest articles, you will lose out on very valuable content tomorrow. Don’t underestimate the value of guest blogging as a site owner. Imagine getting good content on a regular basis for your site without having to fork over a dime. This is the power of guest blogging.

Let’s wrap this up. Essentially anything worth doing has a set of best practices attached to it, you can follow them or go in blind. But why when you don’t have to.