Grow Your Blog Readership With Guest Blogging

Are you satisfied with your blog and its readership? Excellent! You don’t need to read this article. But hold on, sometimes we miss out on things that we don’t even know exist, and this thing about guest posting might just be one of those. There really is no end to being a good blogger. You may have a million regular readers, but you have to admit, a few more will not hurt.

This is especially true if you are selling stuff, because the rate of ordinary conversion (as opposed to long tail keyword conversion which is usually higher but with relatively low traffic) is hardly ever over 10% no matter how much your readers love you. Let’s talk about guest posting, then, and maybe we shall succeed in giving you a new strategy at further building your audience and increasing your sales exponentially.

guest blogging grow readers

Basic Rules of Guest Posting

The host blogger accepts your post and publishes it on their blog with at least one link to your blog either at the beginning or at the end of your article with a short bio and maybe with a photograph of you or your preferred avatar. Some people will pay you for guest posts, but payment is more of an exception than a rule, and it is not something we need to take into account when considering the merits of guest blogging.

So It’s Not About Money?

Yes it is – in the long run. As we explained earlier, the main purpose is to build your reputation and increase the number of your readers. If you choose well, you will be guest posting in a blog with a niche similar to yours (not invariably, but usually – it all depends upon your unique strategy) and talking to an audience that is not yours but ought to have been (since it is a similar or same niche). When you write well, you impress readers.

When they are impressed, they want to read more of your work. And over time, you will convert quite a large chunk of the host blogger’s readership. This does not hurt anyone – the readers just find additional material on your site that they were looking for, anyway. Now recall what we said about conversion (if you are selling anything) and do the math.

Of Connection and Influence

It’s the people you know and the company you keep, right? Would you guest post for a little known blog? Probably not! You want a reputed site with a huge audience. Please note the word ‘reputed’. You are basically going to piggyback on someone else’s reputation and that too, without cheating (because you are adding value to their blog at the same time). Bloggers love to write, to communicate; consequently, a remarkable percentage of what goes on over the Internet and especially in the social network circles is influenced by them.

When you guest post, you connect with the influences and over time, with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, become one of them. How’s that for increasing your reputation and readership?

Do Unto Them

While on the subject of connection, you can also invite others to guest post on your blog. In fact, you could start with the people you are guest posting for. This would be a nice way to thank them (you respect them as bloggers and consider their posting on your blog a value addition) and get a little closer through reciprocation. Even if your blog is not yet very popular, chances are, at least some of these people will post on your blog just to show appreciation for your gesture of goodwill. And you will have some big names connected to your blog increasing your credibility.

Some Dos and Don’ts

When you guest post, you are a good writer who is going to influence an audience – perhaps even a community. What you are not is a sales person. You have to be patient and keep writing well to grow your readership. Consistency and honesty (in not trying to sale anything in the guise of writing) are the key points.

When building relationships, be generous. Guest posting is not a shortcut to glory. It is something that will accrue over time to give you wonderful results. Include a link to the host blog on your own blog (thus providing them with a backlink). Twit it, post it on Facebook and promote it as you would a post on your own blog. Always write a thank you note for allowing you to post.

Perhaps the most important don’t of all: don’t hold back. Don’t reserve your best work for your own blog. That will defeat the purpose. Write as well as you can because you are a good writer. It is your work that will spread all over the Internet and possibly bring you offers from publishers of books or magazines both online and offline.

Your blog will benefit from the backlinks from your guest post and your author reputation will benefit from exposing your best work to an audience of a size you probably could not gather on your own. It is a win situation, so keep the victory mindset and put your best typing fingers forward!