Show you’re The Best with Guest Blogging

Let’s face it; much of what we as copywriters produce is rather generic stuff that although often enjoyable to do, doesn’t require a huge amount of thought. Even the very best writers in the world will struggle to let their talents shine when creating standard SEO articles on net curtains, for example, so a lot of the time we might find that our real talents are locked away screaming to get out. With our minds shackled and chained to particular keywords and topics, copywriters will often pray for the opportunity to be released and to be allowed to do show what they can really do.

guest blogger

The good news for all copywriters is that, in addition to the occasional task that does present a genuine challenge, we have a platform from which we can show what we can in the form of guest blogging. When writing guest blogs we can put more of our personality into the blogs and be as quirky as we like to make things a little different. Guest blogging removes the shackles from our minds and gives us much more freedom in regard to what we can write about so we can really begin to let our talents shine. It gives us a platform from which we can showcase our skills and to hopefully develop from there and continue to get even better still.

Get It off Your Chest

Guest blogging allows you to break away from having to relay what you have looked up on Google and instead allows you to speak what is on your mind. Of course, the topics are usually on writing and SEO related topics but considering that is something most of us do as a job, we are glad to get it off our chest. It’s not often that we’re likely to find somebody in the brick and mortar world that will be happy to listen to matters regarding copy and search engine rankings so we will often just need to keep our thoughts to ourselves. We might be able to generate a spike of interest should we mention Facebook but when it dawns that we are talking about social media marketing and not about mafia wars, any interest soon disappears.

Not only does guest blogging allow us to exercise our skills a little more, it also allows us to speak about what may be on our mind. With an audience of peers that are also likely to be working in a similar field, we finally have access to people that are happy to listen to what we have to say.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Another great advantage of addressing our peers when guest blogging is that is it our peers that are more likely to set us straight. We can’t always be right on everything, no matter how much we may think we are at times, and should we be mistaken on something and write about it in a blog then we are likely to be corrected. This is, of course, a good thing and will help to improve our knowledge and understanding of our field and could also help us to progress our career in the long run.

Guest blogging is also a great opportunity to see what other writers do.  It’s a great opportunity to see how other writers would explain certain things that we might otherwise struggle with and use that as inspiration that will help us to get it right in the future. Guest blogging will help us to continually improve until we become the best writer there is. Once we become the best, it will also give us the opportunity to show that we are the best.