Why Guest Blogging is not Article Marketing

Since Penguin has thrown a spanner on all unethical online marketing techniques like article marketing ( the great art of publishing the same content in hundreds of crap article directories), social bookmarking (scare the hell out of bookmarking sites with automated submission), directory submission (my favorite, submitting links blindly) etc, marketers are left with fewer choices other than guest blogging.

Now, this is exactly where the problem creeps in. People are sending mail to guest blogs without caring a fig to look at the sites in person and building up a great relationship with the blog owners. They are treating it guest blogging an evolutionary form of Article marketing or Article marketing 2.0. But I personally strongly denounce this kind of practice.

guest blogging and article marketing

Unique Content does not Mean Crap Content

It seems people have not received the message of Google clearly.

Panda was never meant for punishing sites with duplicate content, rather it is a holy war against sites with thin content i.e. content that makes little sense or fails to cut an ice with the targeted audience. But as it appears, SEO professionals are living in a state of denial.

They are well aware of the fact that posting crap content or rehash content is not going to help a website in the long term; they are not making any kind of changes in their policies as they laboring under the burden of projects. So, the sites that are accepting those articles as guest posts are going to pay a heavy price in the form of losing readership or inviting penalty.

Setting the bar High

As people have already started treating guest blogging sites as a means of attaining only links caring a fig for adding value, high quality sites have already started setting the bar high.

One of the common vice of all SEO professionals or those writers who are writing for links is that they find it irksome to write 700 words + posts. And if you ask them to post the content with citations and proper images, you will see significant drop in the number of applications.

These writers are too lazy to write more than 500 words content and in majority of cases, you are not likely to see much difference in the title of these guest posts. Either these guest posts are overtly promotional in nature or else, they are only regurgitation of the same content with different words.

How Genuine Guest Bloggers are Suffering

Since there are too many players in the market, blog owners are finding it really tough to differentiate between a genuine guest blogger and an SEO company. And sometimes, they are making the wrong choices. Now when these webmasters feel cheated or just feels frustrated after reading those crap content, they finally decide not to accept anymore guest posts. And this is how the story ends.

So being a guest blogger myself, my humble request to all bloggers – please keep the ecosystem clean and never ever treat guest blogging as article marketing 2.0, as this will bring about our own destruction.